Tuesday, June 12, 2012


There are dry bones in the desert
Exit 23 to Zzyzx, California

Air temperature is 121 in the shade. The only shade is under that road sign. If you want to sit there to get out of the sun, you will have to kill something.  If you think people are possessive of their parking spots in the city, this will open your eyes. 

How is your car's air conditioner doing? Take the exit, dude. Seventy miles down this road a sharp rock will puncture your fuel tank, all the gas will run out stopping the air-conditioner and you will die in two square feet of shade while your girlfriend is trying to suck moisture from your neck.

I know, you're smart and brought six gallons of water but the second your get it out of the trunk, a huge scaly thing will run out of the desert and grab it, spike you with it's tail and run back into the desert with a maniacal cackle. 

On a lighter note, it's not always as bad as the above, here's a guy that made it out of there in one piece. Of course, technically, he's dead but he did make it out and he is in one piece. There is a terrible gash in the forehead, cause unknown but that's nothing for out here.
 Guy who made it back! 
Took a while to shake the scorpions out of his pants

What this guy did (nice hat) was to foolishly think he could just squat down in the desert and take a crap since nobody is looking. Haha, how silly is that? No, always bring a folding potty at the very least.

He squatted down all right but something powerful reached up, grabbed his danglers and never let go until the Ranger poured some gasoline down it's hole. Make you wonder if the thing was mad or hungry. 
Farrell Hamann Fine Art. Sacramento, CA


 وينبغي أن يكون كومة حصى كبير جدا ينتج 300-500 غالون يوميا من المياه حتى في مناخ جاف نسبيا. (الجيش الاميركي كورب للمهندسين)

 أنا نكتة مع أصدقائي العرب في ولاية كاليفورنيا عن طريق رمي بعض الرمال على الطاولة في ستاربكس حيث تواجه قهوتهم. أنا أقول إن هذا هو الرمل أنها تتبع في الولايات المتحدة من الشرق الأقصى. ثم أقول لهم إن الموساد الإسرائيلي هنا للحصول عليه مرة أخرى! الموساد يريد حتى الغبار عن أقدامهم!

 Might work out OK in Las Vegas but will get you eaten in the desert.

Coral snake: "Red on yellow, kills a fellow" (Nursery rhyme)
Chews on its prey has fangs and teeth
Sorry, no antivenin, all gone

New: Sacramento CEO Club. Sacto, San Francisco, Marin County, Carmel, Granite Bay
In the formative stages. Very cool and will stimulate the bored CEO and they can bring the kids (maybe)

The Inner Sanctum of the Bohemian Elite in Northern California 

Afraid of Chickens? You may have Alektorophobia!! See phobias A to Z

Artist Farrell Hamann

FB wants to know what's on my mind. Well, nothing.. Wife and I both heard a noise, a pat pat pat, not loud. Rat in the wall biting up phone cords or just the dog? California roof rat will run right up your leg trying to get away. Handsome, tawny little buggers. Run up you then jump for the curtains. I only know this because former neighbor caught one and we were pet sitting and wife decided to let the poor thing go free. Rat invaded my personal space. Just glad it didn't run up the inside of my pant leg.

 Emir" Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, expert foot licker AKA Dog breath. 

The Bully Project, a film for kids coming out in 2013 

The Exalted One Speaks:
Story of The Exalted. Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty!

Nothing goes to waste. Pugs eat the raw meat, cats lap up the blood, and I eat the Styrofoam package.

How to handle scorpion stings

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Skull necklace bling by artist. $20. Very cool, all different, real hemp 

Note that each skull has 2 faces. Pic shows 3 but I have made 7 so far.
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